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Thread: CSS menu how to

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    CSS menu how to


    I am trying to build a menu but I am new to CSS and am not getting the expected results, basically I am trying to hide the sub menus and display them on hover, it does work however the parent item is taking too much space and have not been able to figure out how to, you can see what I'm talking about here

    The main menu items at first, when the sub menu is hidden use only the necessary width to cover the word however when hovering over it the child ul is displayed horizontally taking up much more space and forcing the parent item to use up too much space, I am trying to put the main items horizontally and the child uls vertically and also that when I hover over the items the width of the main item is not affected.

    Any help is appreciated


    Okay, I have managed to put the uls in a vertical position however I am still having the problem with the width although is not as bad as it was, if someone has an idea on how I can make the parent li not expand with the child ul will be much appreciated.
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