Hi everyone,
I've just got hold of a dedicated server at last, and I'm trying to install mod_gzip.

I downloaded the mod_gzip.so file and uploaded it to my server. I also added the line

LoadModule gzip_module modules/mod_gzip.so

into my httpd.conf file (in the modules section).

When I try to start Apache (to apply the changes), I get a parse error that states "undefined symbol: top_module"

Does anyone know why this is? I've tried all sorts to get it working, but it just isn't having it.

I'm using Apache 2.x, is that the problem?

If so, what are my options to get GZIP encoding working for my pages?

Prompt response appreciated! I'm *just* about to relaunch my site and GZIP is the last step before I can do it!

Thank you in advance,