Site I'm working on:

If you go to the page in webkit (Chrome or Safari), my jcarousel Lite slider will not be visible. However if you click the link at the top of the page, the slider suddenly appears. I have no idea how to correct this issue - tried all kinds of stuff but nothing.

Firefox is fine when you go to the page, so is IE. But Chrome doesn't show the slider when you browse to the page - only when you click the logo to go to the page does it decide to show the slider. Anyone have a suggestion for me?

on edit - nevermind ... wow, it works as soon as I posted this. Tried different computers, both mac and pc, nothing. Now suddenly it works. I'm calling jquery up from Google's servers... wonder if that had something to do with this.

on another edit - now it doesn't work if you refresh the page. what in the world is going on...