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    Google Map API / jQuery Problem

    I have a browser debugging problem i need some help with cos im stumped, why cant everything just work!

    I have included a Google map in a page im building as a header banner, so 940 x 300. I have enabled the map using GoMap and some jQuery. Everything works fine except a small problem in Safari. All the text below the map is thinned out. So my h2 tags are not bold, and the body and footer text is thinner than the rest of the site. If i comment out the map div the text below returns to normal. I have tried 2 different jQuery map plugins, GoMap and GMap3 and both present the same problem. I cant force the h2 tag to bold by styling it outside the normal h2 style and i have used developer tools and it isn't inheriting a style from anywhere, only from the original stylesheet the same as the rest of my h2 tags. As i said the rest of the body text is thinner too?

    This only happens in Safari, and only on the page with the map. What am i missing? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Can you link to a live example?
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