as some of you may know, because of stupid eBay policy, they can ruin your nifty layout. In addition to that its doctype triggers quirks mode in IE7 and IE8. That’s why many people complain that it is difficult to create advanced layout that won’t brake.

I would like to ask you to help me and tell me how to target broken elements in IE7 and 8 in quirks mode.

Here’s the real example:

I would provide you with snapshots, but heck, there are no free tools that take them in frames! Sorry for inconvenience!

The following part of the layout are broken:
• top (no logo, broken social media icons, broken search bar)
• menu (it is not centered and it is out of place)
• left ( some space is added)

I think that the rest is good.

Could you please help me? I don‘t have knowledge on quirks mode in IEs.

Thanks in advance!