Hi guys

I have been working really hard to understand jquery/javascript, doing lots of tutorials and really trying to get a better understanding.

So I have a really, really simple website that I am doing for my neighbor, and i want to place a really, really simple jquery gallery in the site.

I have struggled with my learning though (I am seriously starting to think I have a learning deniability) and I need help.

My first question is this

When I load the jquery library into my site root, do I also have a separate .js file where my code goes (doc ready etc)

For example

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.mini.js"></script>
and also, under it
<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script>

I am pretty sure I a do, don't I? (Goes off to try again)

Anyway, I am looking at heaps of tutorials on making jquery galleries and they all confuse me. Perhaps it's cause I am sick. I don;t know

Here is the site (please don't laugh I know it's very simple)


And I want to put a gallery in the gallery link.

I know I'll need some new HTML in the 'div id#event'

and some css, and the jquery . Arr heck I can probably do this! A link to a really simple tutorial would be great. anything would be great1