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Modifying a content and claim it as your own is a form of duplication. It's already revealed by the new algorithm (Google Penguin) that all duplication or spun contents are penalized. Google use top-notch tools to determine if your contents are original and fresh. In fact, duplicating a content is a waste of time. Spinning an article into multiple versions requires too much effort. However, its value in SEO is zero. That's why; choose another technique to rank higher in search engines. One technique is to take time in converting an article into an instructional video. For example, if your article talks about "How to Gain Weight" and is 1000-words long, come up with a video that is creative and original. You might consider showing an inspiring transformation of a person from a skinny kid to a brawny tennis player who is ranked 20th in the world.
Although I understand that SEO tends to overlap into content, in this forum we won't be discussing SEO. Any future posts targeted toward SEO discussions will be deleted. There are many legal and ethical reasons why "not" to duplicate content. Let's use the content section to discuss them and leave SEO discussions to the Internet Marketing forums.