Hey guys, I have to use Microsoft SQL server 2008 R2 for my university studies, and along with this php and the SQLSRV driver. The exact driver i am using is this: extension=php_sqlsrv_53_nts_vc9.dll

The problem I have is when I search on-line for tutorial with PHP and SQL server, all the examples are either MySQL or MSSQL, all the syntax is different and its driving me completely crazy. I just want to learn from code that is already written as I am a beginner and have no chance at magically writing something from nothing. My school is teaching us things slowly and in my opinion not correctly either, I am the process of tackling this. An example, I wanted to design and build a form as a user login using PHP and SQL server, could I find anything at all as an example that was using SQLSRV?? Not a chance, which brings me to the question, why am I using this??

Another example, i worked for three days trying to build a drop down box that I could use when doing a keyword search against my database, I tried like mad to convert one of the many examples to an SQLSRV version, to no avail.

I even tried to compare the PHP manual documentation with the SQLSRV version against the MSSQL version, I could not see a direct resemblance. I would appreciate any and every bit of information on this from you professionals out there, bear In mind I can't be expected to change any of the software I use or drivers, as I am dictated by my school.

Thanks for all your help it is appreciated!!