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Thread: Ruby questions

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    Question Ruby questions

    Just setting up my dev environment on my new mac and just want someone to clarify all this info if possible for me.

    So OSX comes with a standard version of Ruby preinstalled

    I install RVM to allow me to install multiple versions of Ruby - I set 1.9.3 as default.

    Ok, that's fine up to here.

    Now, I have seen a ton of sites saying that RVM uses gemsets to allow me to install different versions of rails into each gemset. Ok but what I get confused with is if I create a new rails app it gets a gemfile and I add the names of my gems into there and use bundle install to install them.

    I'm just getting super confused as to how this all fits together.

    Is someone able to help me clear up my confusion?

    Kind regards,

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    You would create a gemset with whatever version of ruby you want to use.

    Code Ruby:
    rvm use 1.9.3@gemsetname

    Ruby will act as if there are no gems installed on your system. Install Rails, create your app, and create your gemfile. When you run the bundle command, Bundler will install all necessary gems into the current gemset. Meaning that they will only be available when you are using that particular gemset.

    Hopefully that makes sense. If you need further info, I recommend you read through the two following sites:


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