I have been doing research on the programming languages PHP, Python and Java. I have also looked at different frameworks like Codeigniter, CakePHP, Django and etc. Choosing what to go with that will best suit my needs has become a nightmare of sorts. (_)' I believe I am leaning more toward Python. The platform PyCharm based on the framework Django is what I will most likely use later on. I have mixed experience in web development already. Driving visitor traffic is yet another.

My personal purpose for learning a programming language is to expand my capabilities in order to create superb sites. It is not meant as a career, but to be used as a tool to promote and push it forward. As an example, people learn foreign languages for a variety of reasons. Not necessarily to become a linguist. These sites are not meant for personal use like family or e-commerce. I cannot afford to pay someone $5k+ to build what I would like to have. I know what some of you might say, "Why not use a content management system like that of Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, ModX and etc.?" Simple answer: they sucked. It was restrictive. Most added extra complexity where it should not have been. It is fine for a basic website like a blog. Anything else you have to hack it to-death, add extensions... “Buy a template.” someone utters. So-called premium CMS specific templates are horrible to me as well. These are just my opinions of course. If you have other ideas, I am all ears?

Which language would you recommend? Why? Does it have a future? Is it well supported? Have other better ideas? Etc. Thank you gentlemen for your patience and time reading this thread! I look forward to hearing your honest answers.