I'm looking for hosting as follows:

– web hosting for 15 page website
– this includes about 5 self-hosted product videos of about 15 to 30 MB each
– hosting vids on YouTube isn't an option as it's blocked in China
– 24/7 phone support would be ideal
– reliable email hosting for both from office and on the move

That's it really. I don't have any stats for the site, but the previous version of the site with a few videos was built in Flash and on shared hosting.

I've asked around a few hosting providers and some telling me that this site can't be on shared hosting, but I will have to purchase VPS. Is this really true? We definitely don't want anything to do with setting up and maintaining the software on a server.

– What is the best approach to hosting here? Do I 'really' need VPS or do they just want to up-sell?
– Can you recommend a good, reliable host with great technical and customer service (possibly UK based)?

Many thanks, happy to answer any questions.

P.S. When I phoned Fasthosts, the Sales guy said he couldn't think of a reason why I couldn't use their shared hosting. Others said that the have CPU limits on their shared hosting. But why should sending a video file down the pipe have much impact on CPU?