Can I have HTML injected into a JSON Array Object? I'm trying to add in HTML through AJAX to update my pagination but I get a jquery error. I'm using the php json encode function, but the injected HTML for the pagination is creating an error. Here is my ajax file.

if (isset($user_info['uid'], $_GET['id'], $_GET['page'], $_GET['s']) && $_GET['s'] === session_id())
	$total 					= fetch_total_conversations();
	$conversations 			= fetch_conversations($_GET['page'], 20);
	foreach($conversations as $k => $r)
		$conversations[$k]['last_message'] = time_since_tstamp($r['last_message']).' ago';
	$pages = new Paginator();  
	$pages->items_total = $total;  
	$pages->mid_range = 9;  
	$conversations['pagination'] = $pages->display_pages();
	echo json_encode($conversations);