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    Help with Fancybox and IE

    Hello all,

    I believe i am posting in the right forum. If not let me know. I am new to site point, but i was hoping someone could help me out. This site i just put up is giving me some problems. First and for most in IE it just plain doesn't display the Coming soon and launch date that are in the div <div id="content"> under h1 and h3. I know this is a java script forum so let me get to that, my fancy box wont work on my bottom footer-p div that says request a quote. I have tried a million things. I have taken the other scripts out and other things. what am i
    missing? Any help would be much appreciated!


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    There's a couple of problems there.

    First with fancybox, it won't exist after you clobber the existing jQuery by later on loading that earlier version of jQuery.

    The other issue with the Coming Soon part, seems to be entirely related to cufon.
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    IE9 had issues rendering a canvas element for cufon with the old release, you will need to grab the latest release which is patched for IE9
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