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    My eZine, Developer's Journal (, bases every issue around a certain topic:

    ie. Search Engines, Web Hosting, etc.

    Anyway, our 16th issue is coming up and we are kind of dry on good topic ideas, so I was wondering if anybody here had any suggestions (topics) for that matter.

    Anyway, anybody who'll give me a decent idea which we will use in the future, will get 10,000 button exposures.

    You can check out our previous topics at

    We need something in that style and we need it soon (today).

    Thanks in advance.

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    Why don't you discuss one of the following:

    - CGI capabilities
    - creating an online chatroom
    - managing a newsletter
    - launching a web site
    - advertising your site for under $50
    - "secrets" to a Yahoo! listing
    - reciprocal links, the process that works

    These are all hot topics, and I would be glad to read any one of them. We were discussing this earlier in AOL IM, but just wanted to list all of my ideas at once. If you like any, you know where to put the 10K credits
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