On our network (http://echowebhq.com/), we publish a bi-weekly eZine, Developer's Journal, that's located at http://echodev.com/journal/

We just crossed over 1K subscribers mark and I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for our newsletter. Since, 1K is a whole LOT of subscribers, I want the eZine to be as good as possible, so that everyone would be satisfied.

Here are some questions that I hope will be answered here:

1. Is it a good idea to contribute a whole issue to one single topic like we do now?
2. Should we add/remove any sections from our newsletter?
3. Do you like our content? On a scale from 1 to 5, how would you rate it (quality, originality, personal opinion)?
4. Anything else that you think might be of importance to me.

You can read all of our previous issues at http://echodev.com/journal/archive/

Thanks in advance.

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