I currently mail out a quarterly newsletter to my customer list, but I am going to start doing an e-newsletter (actually first issue will probably go out tonight or tomorrow). I am essentially trying to do 3 things with the new version and therein lie my questions.

1. Increase the amount of content. The printed version is only 1 page for cost and time reasons, and I don't plan to make it any bigger. But the e version could be any size. Is there a general rule as to don't go over a certain size or something? I get a few newsletters that just have headlines and a first sentence and a link to the rest of the article (personally that kind of newsletter annoys me--at least the ones that don't give enough info so I can decide if I want to read the article or not--sorry, Matt --actually the SitePoint newsletter does have good content right in the newsletter and good descriptions of the online articles so it's not too annoying). Is that the trend in enewsletters? I certainly don't plan to just dump a bunch of garbage in it, but have good complete articles.

2. be able to publish the newsletter more frequently. The printed version goes out quarterly. I plan to send the e one monthly. That way at least once a month my customers and customers-to-be will hear about my business. Is monthly good, or weekly better, is it too dependant on the newsletter subject?

3. attract new customers by offering a great free newsletter. I guess I don't really have any questions about this aspect.

One other question that just occured to me, do emails affect bandwith?


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