These comments are in regards to the article 'Interview - Matt Mecham of Ibforums: Part 2'.

Well it was good to read up on a bit of history of iKonboard, and Matt's migration to Invision Board. I started using iKonBoard early with releases such as 2.1.7a etc. I can still remember the shock i felt, and that of my current site's co-admin's face when we first read Matt's announcement that he was leaving iKonBoard. I can't explain the thoughts through our heads, we never wanted to use vBulletin or any other software, but we didn't want to be stuck with a product that was never going to develop any further. Then to hear about Invision Power Serices, whoah the feeling, we scooted over there as quick as our modems would take us. We read that Matt and Charles were going to release another forum, the thoughts of if taking once again, 12 months to catch the level that iKonBoard had reached ran through our heads, but with the small snippets that Matt was giving us during development this was not the case. We now feel secure that we are using a piece of software that is currently, and will be developed into the future to keep up with the demands of modern computing. Welldone to Matt, Charles and the rest of the team. I think we all feel that Matt has earnt a very well deserved break.

- Krip730