Currently, I have about 3000 subscribers to a mailing list at our site. We use majordomo as our mailing list manager and it has worked fine so far (Its automated and just sends out our DAILY messages from a text file of messages on our server.

I have questions about a couple of things.

1) How many subscribers can majordomo handle efficently? Our list is growing very fast, at the rate of several hundred a week.

2) Its becoming a headache dealing with the bounced messages. There are so many people with email accounts like hotmail that have exceeded their storage allocation, and then there are just bad addresses. (not a question, i know...)

3) So, is there a mailing list manager that could both deal with a large volume of subscribers, and help automate the process of unsubscribing people. It would be preferable if it could be administered (or at least used) by anyone, not just a webmaster. A commercial one would be fine.

Thanks for your help,