I was wondering and hoping someone could help me figure out what cURL package to install. Well, first, I have a script that I am running in part of an app that I built with PHP and that script uses cURL. My hosting provider says he has installed cURL because he can use it from the command-line, yet I get the error that the script made if cURL is not installed.

Here is the part of the script that checks and uses cURL:
PHP Code:
                 // start curl up.
        // if no curl, hit an error.
$this->error('CURL is not installed on this hosting account. Please contact your hosting provider and ask for it to be enabled.',true);
$this->ch curl_init();
curl_setopt($this->chCURLOPT_USERAGENT"Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; PHP Website Search)");
Now, when I use the app on my testServer running MAMP, it works fine, but when I run it on my real-server I get the error that is above in the code if the curl_init function does not exist, which means that cURL is not installed.

But, as I mentioned before, my hosting provider said that cURL is installed. He also said, all of the libcurl packages are installed". He said that after I suggested that he installed those after finding this and this via a quick Google Search for PHP cURL Package.

Does anyone know or have any suggestions on what cURL package I need to tell my hosting provide to install to get the PHP script working? (debian squeeze package)

I would really appreciate any and all suggestions!

Thanks in Advance & Best Regards,
Team 1504.