I thought I had an SQL count searching for a "Today" coded correctly, but I keep getting a 0 count back.

Using Access Database, date format at dd/mm/yyyy

I have this:

Function MyDate()
Dim dteCurrent, dteMonth, dteDay, dteYear
dteCurrent = Date()
dteDay = Day(dteCurrent)
dteMonth = Month(dteCurrent)
dteYear = Year(dteCurrent)
MyDate =  dteDay& "/" & dteMonth & "/" & dteYear
End Function

response.write MyDate

I then have this as the SQL:

	set rs1 = MyConn.execute("Select COUNT(*) as tpt from ppt_table where date_of_ppt="&MyDate&"")
	if rs1.EOF = false then
		TodayApp = rs1("tpt")
		TodayApp = 0
	end if
	set rs1 = Nothing
	response.write TodayApp
But I am getting is "0" where I am actually calling TodayApp is displayed on the page - when it actually should be a number over "0".

Any ideas?