i need some suggestions on a soccer leage script. i was using phpmysport, but it is absolutly annoying to get it to work without bugs and there isnt anymore support for the script.

what i am looking for:
  • should be easy to use
  • the script is for a owner of 2 soccer fields to manage games and players that play on his fields, not for a single club.
  • i dont need every option under the sun. a easy cms would be a plus
  • easy to skin, current site is very simple.
  • have a option for a player to join a league
  • be able to show:
    • league standings
    • game schedules
    • league teams
    • memebers, coaches, players, etc

above is the basics i need, anything above that would be nice, but not needed.

also, i was hoping for opensource, but if there was a absolutly amazing script for a price under $100.00 or around that, i may consider it.

i did some brief research, and i did some pop up for cms's like joomla and drupal. i dont need that much functionality, but if it make sense, i am not against using a cms.

i have no prefence on cms, i dont use them currently at all for my sites and therefore i am not used to one over the other.

thanks for your help, i cant find anything decent on hotscripts and google. so any suggestions are helpful