Hello everyon,

I have a small jQuery related task to complete, and keep failing to do so, unfortunately. I need to output the value of a custom defined variable, as follows:
                outputElementId: 'CustomSliderName',
	return false;
Below is the code to replace the default value with the custom defined one:
(function ($) {
    $.fn.siteFeature = function (b) {
        var c = $.extend({}, $.fn.siteFeature.defaults, b);
        return this.each(function (i) {
            obj = $(this);
            var a = {};
            a.which = i;
            createFeature(c, a);
            customizeFeature(c, a);
            eventFeature(c, a)
    $.fn.siteFeature.defaults = {
        outputElementId: 'siteFeature',

function siteFeatureAutoPlayer(a)
    var defaultSliderId = jQuery.fn.siteFeature.defaults.outputElementId; // this defines the default ID, works well
    var sliderID = jQuery.fn.siteFeature.......outputElementId; // need to fix this part
I can't figure out how to call the outputElementId variable in a function outside the jQuery class (see the red highlighted text). Could someone tell me the right way to do it, that would be much appreciated, thanks!