I have two big problems as I try to bring my website out of the 1900s... I am in the process of redesigning part of my site, which is located at www.crolinks.com/cromusic - I am trying to move away from the frame layout.

I started (a) overhauling the site moving everything from HTML files to php, and I am (b) in the process of redoing the screen layout. Instead of frames, I am trying to use DIV containers.

The starting steps of my new layout are at www.crolinks.com/cromusic/newindex.php--don't mind the colours, as I'm still just getting all my div stuff working.

If you look at my start-up for searching by artist and select A (it's the only one that works right now), you will see the list appear down the left side of the page. In my original HTML, I had jumps which would take you from the name of the singer down to their list. Now that I have it inside a DIV rather than a frame, clicking on any link to an anchor reload the page. Is there any way to stop this?

As a subsequent question, if I create a DIV container in the largest part of the window for the songs, is there a way to replace the contents of a DIV with a call to a PHP script? Can I use the javascript innerHTML in conjunction with PHP?

(Can I do nameOfDIVBlock.innerHTML = "<? rendersong.php?title=whatever ?>"

What I hope to do is reload the songs in the large area without reloading the whole page each time...

Any and all help would be much appreciated!!!