Hi everyone!

Got a quick (cookie) question.
I looked on the internet for some cookie scripts (redirect ones), but unfortunately haven't been too lucky with these.

What I want to do is the following:

When the cookie is not found it goes to my main page, for example:
On the main page I can select where I want to go -
'Contacts', 'News', 'Forums' and so on. The main page has a drop down list with these options, each option has it's own link.

When I click on 'continue' and go to the specific link (ex. www.anynamehere.com/contacts.html) it should remember my selection, so next time I log into www.anynamehere.com it's automatically will take me to contacts.html. I will not see the main page anymore.

Now, if from the contacts page I select 'News' and go to www.anynamehere.com/news.html it has to remember that link as well. So if I close my browser and then reopen it, it should take me to www.anyname.com/news.html.

I hope that makes sense.

If anyone can give me any pointers I would greatly appreciate it. Maybe there is a script like that available online, I just wasn't lucky enough to find one.

Thank you in advance!