Hi chaps, back again with another newbie question! (Where would I be without you guys and girls?)

I have a site with a number of unordered lists, but just one of them is causing me a problem by displaying differently from the others. Whereas the lists on all other pages are indented, this one has placed its bullets in the margin, leaving the text flush with the rest of the text. It is next to an image, which is what I assume is causing the problem. If I float the image right rather than left then everything works well, but the contents of the image don't allow that. I can't see any differences in the formatting between the lists that work and those that don't - but your eagle eyes may well spot something!

I think it's best if I give you the links so that you can check ALL of the code, in case I've put something odd elsewhere, which is messing things up. So the problem is the ul at http://www.gillwykes.com/development...anagement.html. An example of a page where everything is working fine is at http://www.gillwykes.com/development...s_reviews.html.

Any help much appreciated, and thanks in advance!