Hi everyone,

I'm sure it's probably not clear from my title exactly what I'm asking here, so I'll try and clarify as best I can. I'm basically just looking for opinions on whether what I'm after is possible - I can't see a solution, but that doesn't mean there isn't one.

So basically I want to have my content centred, which I would do in a pretty standard way:
width:960px; margin:0 auto;
I then also want to have a background image that has the same left value as the content, regardless of screen resolution, that also flows off the screen to the right, but does not cause the horizontal scrollbar, regardless of screen resolution.

So basically the background image will be left aligned to the content, and then would display as much of itself to the right that the user could see at their resolution.

I can think of several ways of doing almost what I'm after, but none of doing exactly what I want. I'd love to hear any imnput on the subject - and let me know if any further explanation is required.