I am using asp not asp.net

I have one asp page on which at least 45 values are filled by user and the table structure is of 8 columns and 10 rows…..

My task is to send it to database then generate pdf of that page and then email to admin.

After a lot of search I found help and successfully manage to complete my task. I am using persits.pdf for creating pdf and cdosys for sending mail…
All the values are saved in access database successfully and generated pdf is emailing very fine.
Now problem is occur here when I test pdf this line is written “A TEST FOR PDF GENERATION BY ME” and not my form values.

I think this txt comes from this line of code

Page.Canvas.DrawText "A TEST FOR PDF GENERATION BY ME", Params, Font

I also paste whole html of table in these quotes but not succeeded

I don’t know wht to do please help me