Hello there,

I have registered on these forums to ask you professionals for help, as I am currently making websites myself out of boredom to learn some skills. At the moment, I know HTML, XHTML and CSS quite well, with a basic knowledge of jQuery and JavaScript. I wanted however to design a little thing for my friend's radio station, "On Air Now" that would change periodically, every day and every hour. For example, if the programme was DJ CSS on Monday between 1900 and 2100, it would display the required information, and somehow check it in a loop, every day and hour of the week. How would I script such a thing? Is a MySQL database or a PHP code required to store the information somewhere? I'd really appreciate some help, and if there's no way of doing it within JavaScript, maybe snippets of code in PHP to get me started. I heard that PHP is useful to learn as well.

Kind Regards