(BTW, I feel like I need a shower just typing three k's in a row)

A long time ago as a software engineer When Things Were Really Rotten With Programming The Web® (something around 1995-1998 or so), I was researching domain names. All over the map, but eventually I was curious as to whether or not the racist organizations had pinned anything down yet.

So I typed in kkk.com and landed on naacp.org!!!! And I stopped to think about this a bit.

Everyone in my small company of roughly 100 people were wondering about this. My first thought I think was right.

My Guess:
Someone purchased kkk.com and in an attempt to get the best possible price from them decided to provide the speed-up incentive of having their name drop people onto the NAACP in the meantime.

Does anyone else remember this? I cannot find it anywhere, even when googling it. It was brief, and pre-google I think. Everyone was alta-vista at the time.

If this is what happened, I sure hope they got a lot of money.