I normally develop websites by hand-coding the HTML and CSS, using an "intelligent" editor like Microsoft Visual Web Developer.

I'm now doing a very small site for a friend of mine who runs a one-person business. My friend is happy with what I've done, but - quite rightly - he doesn't want to depend on me to make minor corrections and changes in the future. He wants a way of doing that himself.

However, he is completely non-technical. He knows nothing about websites or HTML - and he doesn't want to have to learn.

So I'd like to recommend to him some sort of WYSIWYG web page editing tool that he can use himself to make minor changes. Basically, it should be as easy to use as editing a document in Microsoft Word. I'd be grateful if anyone can suggest a suitable product.

I did consider setting up a content-management system for him, but I think it would be overkill in this case. The site only has six pages, and the only things he is likely to change in the near future are a few prices, product descriptions, and similar. Also, he won't want the overhead of having to manage a full-blown CMS.

Thanks in advance for any help.