i m very new to asp and working on a project using asp and access not asp.net……….

I have a small application in which after login, user can upload .xls file, then the record from this excel file is inserted to access database, my sample project files are working fine i.e file uploaded and inserted to access ...my problem is that i want to insert data of that excel file in access with the unique user_id of particular user, because many users can insert excel files to same table, so that when user click on ‘view records’ user should see only his record, not the record of others.
and another thing is that how to save file with unique file name corresponds to the login user to avoid duplication of files... (pls suggest me wht to do… or any other idea……. i really need help…….)
many thanks

this is the url from which I download and using files for upload and insert excel data to access..