Wondering if one of you can help with Thickbox (jquery). I followed the directions:
downloaded 5 files and put them in a folder: portfolio/thickbox.
downloaded 2 images in main images folder.
Added three elements into header.
Changed paths to images on both js and css files

But....pop ups won't work. I've added thickbox to the first 2 images on top row. Here's the page: sineathconstruction.com/portfolio/index.html.

The instructions said to download the jquery library which is named "jquery-latest.js" but the code they said to put in the header is: <script type="text/javascript" src="thickbox/jquery.js">.

After I edited the element in the header to "jquery-latest.js" it now it acts like it wants to work but isn't working.

What am I missing? Thank you so much for your help!