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    problem with scope and sequencing (javascript/jQuery)


    I'm working on a message sending system. It uses ajax functionality from jQuery.
    The user inputs a message, it is send to the server. There it's checked, cleaned and send to mobile devices. The cleaned message is returned (and maybe with some errors I need to cut of client side).
    Then the script should display the returned message on the screen.

    The problem is that I can't seem to get the cleaned message out of the $.get callbackfunction and on to the display part.
    The console log indicates that there's a sequencing problem.
    the console
    HTML Code:
    input 1:<u>underline</u>
    messages (regel 70)
    GET http://localhost/json/messages/send/?telephone=0031631934378&message=%3Cu%3Eunderline%3C/u%3E
    200 OK
    after and outside the function:<u>underline</u>
    messages (regel 83)
    server return (post-cut):underline
    messages (regel 79)
    You can see that the console.log from inside the callback function is diplayed last, so probably after the message is displayed on screen.

    Code JavaScript:
    $('#sendform').submit(function() {
        var message = $('#message').val();
    	console.log('input 1:' + message);
        if (!message || message == '') return false;
        $.get('/json/messages/send/?telephone=' + $('#unit').val() + '&message=' + message, function(output) {
            //gets the cleaned message and sometimes a few errors which we need to cut of 
    		start ='<pre class="cake-error">');
    		message = output.substring(0,start);
    		console.log('server return (post-cut):' + message);
    		//return message;
        console.log('after and outside the function:' + message);
        $('.holder').append('<div class="msg-balloon right">' + message + '</div>');
        $(".holder").animate({ scrollTop: $('.holder').height() - $('.holder').scrollTop() }, 0);    
        return false;

    Any ideas?

    thx in advance
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