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    Mootools Download

    I want to build a simple slider with Mootools.

    I was just wondering what's the best option to take on the download page. Link below:

    Thanks for any help with this.

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    Personally, I'd recommend using jQuery instead, as it seems much better supported and more widely used these days, but it's up to you. Anyhow, I would suggest that you download the "MooTools Core 1.4.2 with compatibility" version. A compressed version is quicker for people to download, and you only would use the uncompressed version if you are a JavaScript Ninja who needs to play around with the core library a bit.

    The compatibility version (from what I read) means that it's less of a hassle to use another library like jQuery on the same page (which otherwise can be a pain, as the two libraries tend to conflict with each other).


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