I wrote a post about using Variables in CSS a while back (here).

Someone asked a question about something similar so I thought I'd rewrite it for MVC3. It seems that adding the [OutputCache] to the method changes the ContentType from "text/css" to "text/html" causing the CSS to not be applied.
Code Csharp:
[OutputCache(VaryByParam = "none", Duration = 3600)]
public ActionResult Index()
	var cssDefs = new Css();
	cssDefs.Background = "808";
	cssDefs.Width = "500px";
	cssDefs.WrapperMargin = "0 auto";
	cssDefs.Foreground = "ff0";
	Response.Filter = new CSSCompressor(Response.Filter);
	Response.ContentType = "text/css";
	return View(cssDefs);
How would I go about keeping the ContentType and Caching the output?