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    Client Says - Move that Footer to the Middle !?!?

    In the last 17 years, I've seen it all. I truly have... and while particular issues like this one don't take the cake, it's definitely frustrating from a professional standpoint.

    This client says: "Can you swap the huge text portion of the home page to the bottom, and put in the current bottom menu bar (they mean the footer) directly under the attraction listings. This shouldn't hurt the SEO because the text is still on the home page."

    What the client is asking for in this particular case is to have their footer with navigation moved to the middle of the page.

    If you understand the importance of building and using proper navigation, you probably understand that placing the navigation elements in the proper places is even more important.

    I'm going to assume that since you're here reading about "Accessibility and Usability" you're trying to improve your skills or help others improve through your experience and advice, however even if you're new.... you probably understand how such a request is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

    If you've been in business long enough, you've probably had the type of client that has decided to try and take things into their own hands, sometimes out of ignorance and other time's it's more of an assertion of power in an attempt to try and control everything around them, regardless of any professional advice they've been given.

    What are your thoughts and opinions in regards to moving a footer up and placing main body content below ( on the home page only ). I know what my thoughts are... what are yours?

    Looking forward to the feedback!

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    Hi CompAir8. Welcome to SitePoint.

    Without seeing the page, it's a bit of a guess, but is there a menu on the page anywhere but in the footer? Maybe it's a good idea to move the menu a bit higher?

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    The home page of the site doesn't have to have the same layout as all the other pages do. As the home page it is a special case and actually serves as a central navigation hub for the site so that the navigation can reasonably be expected to be more prominent on that page (or even repeated).
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    There is probably a creative means of satisfying the clients demands but it is a little irritating when people deviate from well known, established ux patterns.
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    Well, it really depends on the layout and the look itself. I'd be happy to inform the customer about my disagreement with the idea, but that he can try it at his own risk if he feels so strongly about it. Although a A/B test on the page should convince him that he's a bit confused


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