I was wondering if there was a way once could check if a page was opened in a new tab, by right-clicking and clicking the "Open in New Tab" option in most browsers, or if a page was opened in a new window, by right clicking on the link and pressing the "Open in New Window" in a browser?

Is there a way one could do this in js? or, and i know this is not the forum to ask, but if possible in html or php?
I am asking here because js seems like it would be the most-capable of doing this. Also if it could be done in jQuery, that would be convenient for me

Finally, the reason why I want to do this is to detect if a link from / in my site was opened in a way besides the default action i put in the html <a> tag's target attribute.

Thank you for you help and please post any Questions, Comments, Concerns, or Solutions.

Team 1504