The following code will give me a green background:

<style type="text/css">
                body { 	background: #66CC99
Is there a way, a property with a certain value (declaration) that is able to determine how much of the background will be filled with this colour?

For instance, can I say: "I want '200px wide and all the way down' of this green colour, but the rest of the page white? -Or even a multi-coloured striped background on the page (one colour starting where the other ends)?"

This should be similar to a left frame. What I eventually want is a left frame in colour A with a thin border in colour B.

Is this possible or will I still have to use <frameset>?
Is this possible with multiple layers? -If yes, where can I find information about how to do this?

PS: I do not want to use .jpg/.bmp to define the background, as that'll be too much hassle to write above it.