I've been reading this site and lately especially this thread and find it very informative. I've been using XHTML for as much time as I'm a conscious developer, and I admit - kind of a 'victim' of the XHTML hype, not realizing fully what it was in the first place back in the years. First, I was using HTML in ancient times some 6-7 years ago.
I don't like where HTML(5) is headed to, there are still no clear standards, some browsers do implement some things, and we will have to reiterate the well known hell from when IE5/6, Netscape 4.x etc. were widespread.

But I wanted to point on something - the IE8/9 application/xhtml+xml support and the alleged download dialog they throw upon it.

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The following page is done using PHP to add the MIME type header before the page is sent to the browser.

I tried this in IE8 and 9, this page is rendered prefectly in both, no download dialog, no nothing. I double checked - the server sends the content type HEADER as application/xhtml+xml.

So where is the catch here? These are machines with Win7, and no registry hacks were ever applied. I kept reading here how IE (even 9) would offer real XHTML for downloading, still I do not witness this.

Thanks in advance for any explanation.