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    Navigation all wacky in IE8

    Hey guys the only time I can check IE is here at work, we have IE8, yet no type of developer tools, oh yeah and Local Admins rights have been stripped, so I really have no way of troubleshooting this

    Everything looks fine on FF, Chrome, and Safari at home. And my buddy said it looks fine on IE9?

    Here is the link, it happens on every page, so it's not a particular page. I'm thinking it must have something to do with the sub menus?

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    Off Topic:

    Are you on a Mac? You can install Windows on your Mac in various ways, and have multiple versions of IE. Great for testing. But there are other ways to have multiple versions of IE on your PC too.

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    The problem affects all IE versions and appears to be caused by the anchors being floated left. Clearing the parent ii elements on the nested ul seems to fix it. You'll also need to set a width on the ul.

    Try this, below the existing rule for #mainMenu li in the main.css stylesheet.

    Code CSS:
    #mainMenu ul {
    width: 126px;
    #mainMenu ul li {
    clear: left;

    CSS Validation of the page shows the following errors:

    A rogue } needs to be removed at line 21 in twoColFixLtHdr.css.

    The quotes need to be removed from around "sans-serif" declared on #wrapper in main.css.

    Also in main.css, the rule for #mainMenu li:hover .sub has the border style declared twice (solid and inset): border: 1px solid #1e2637 inset;


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