You guys won't believe this....

I've been working on a drop down javascript menu on one of my sites that I got from Dynamic Drive, and it works great in IE, but as yu can guess there's a problem in NS4 (I always like for my stuff to work in this old outdate browser. ( see: )

Here's the deal.... when I click on a link in NS4 it starts to go to the page, but then it starts freaking out!

In the URL window is starts looking for

Here's what's wierd!

There is no fw_menu.js in my scripts directory!

There was, but I couldn't get that one to work with NS4 either, so I ditched it & went to a different drop down menu.

Anybody got any idea what to do to make this thing work in NS4???? It is supposed to work in this browser, but for some reason it isn't.