Thanks for the comment. The caching system is one class and will use either memcache if enabled or disk caching if not.

In the old version I do have a template system, I wanted to make ASF easy for anyone to edit. However I have now done away with it and kept it simple by using php inside the markup.

I agree the HTML and css on the current version is a huge waste. The CSS file alone is over 3000 lines long. This is due to rushing things and not planning properly. This next version is a lot more lightweight. The css is generated with php because the admin can change the skin of the forum one color at a time, and to any color they want. Meaning you can have a unique design without having to code things.

The queries are there for users to help me debug. Its easier for me to fix the problem if the end user can tell me where it happened and not just say I got an error. Since ASF is open source theres nothing too bad with revealing database table structure, and the values in most queries are hidden.