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The problem, Paul, is that you've assumed the same number of people in each country. By simply taking an average of the %ages, you've given China (pop ~1.4bn) the same significance as Finland (pop ~5m) and every other country in between. What you would need to do is to work out the total number of people in each country, and the total number using IE6, and use that to calculate the global average.
OK, slight change to the calculation, it needs to be on the number of internet users in a country, rather than the total population.

Using the proportions on IE6countdown and the internet-using-population figures from Wikipedia, I make the proportion of internet users still in the Dark Ages as 7.0% with China, or 1.5% without. The slight variance between 7.0% and 6.2% is almost certainly down to slightly different data sets, but it isn't far out.