I am new to advertising. I've got experience in it, but I'm hardly a seasoned guru.

I've seen advertising badgets on web-pages which I've wanted to incorporate. One natable example is Chris Spooners blog pages were he has the links on the right-hand side. I've tried going to the web-pages for more information, but I did not find many - http://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/

I have a concern that the adverts might be inappropriate for my blog. Even though it's web related I would hardly want to direct potential clients to competitive web-pages, such as https://w3-markup.com

I've tried going onto the web-pages but I can't find how to put those badge's. I am not even convinced if they are profitable. I might just put in 2 / 3 Google Ads instead, then at least I know were I stand.