I'm aware that we shouldn't be worried about being pixel-perfect with everything, but when you have a picky client and you're picky yourself...

Is it possible to detect if a font is installed and if so, use a slightly different css style for that situation?

E.g. Corporate font for client is Frutiger, available on a few macs and hardly any PCs. Client want the site to use Frutiger Reg, when available and fall back to Helvetica, then Arial in the stack.

Helvetica and arial have quite a deeper x-height to Frutiger. We have some text base-aligning with the bottom of a logo and When viewed with Frutiger on the box, it aligns perfect. When viewed using Arial/Helvetica box, the text is about 2 r 3 pixels too low down.

So can we check if a font is available on a pc and serve up a conditional bit of css and if yes... HOW?