Hi all I am developing a login form with multiple login options. The main two options people have is to login with either their email address, or by using their Member ID. I wish it was just an email only, but after discussing with the marketing and membership people for the organization, it seems we just don't have much choice right now.

So I'm wondering how this will be best handled as far as ease of use, without overwhelming people with a ton of options and choices? Our current login form is completely overwhelming, with two separate forms, and a forgot password link and a new user button. I would like it to work so that when you first get to the main form, you aren't confronted with so many choices. Ideally, just one set of fields would be great - email, password, and a forgot password or help link.

Problem is, I need to provide two choices - login with email, or login with member ID. I could do a tabbed thing where you first see the email input and a submit button, and if you want to change it to member ID, there's a tab for that which clicking the tab shows you the login with MemberID field. Another option is to say "Login with either Email address or Member ID" which the user can then enter either one, click Submit, then my programming does what it needs to in the background. Although this seems like the best choice, I'm not happy with that because I would like to signal to users that logging in with email is preferred. So if someone needs to login with their Member ID, I would like there to be another step in the process, whether it's clicking on a tab or something to show the other form.

Any suggestions as far as best practices for what I'm trying to accomplish? Any example website with multiple options but handles it gracefully with superb ease of use for customers? TYIA!