I've never as a problem with mysql before, infact it's probably the most simple part of a web server to set up but after around 4 to 5 hours of trying to get mysql to work, numerous re-installations and even different versions, MySQL just won't work.

I'm using WindowsXP Home Edition which i don't think should be a problem.

Here's the problem:
If i use the tool WinMySQLAdmin 1.4 it says i'm connected (green light is on) but if i right click the database section and do Add Database it tells me i must be connected to do that.

If i run mysqld-nt from command prompt it just never starts. It just refuses basically.

I've tried installing mysql4, and mysql3 with the same results for both.
None of the scripts i run can connected.

Now... I've installed mysql in a non defail directory (Z:\WebDev v1\mysql3) but i've added the my.ini file it says to do in the installation guide

basedir=Z:/WebDev v1/mysql3
datadir=Z:/WebDev v1/mysql3/data

Server=Z:/WebDev v1/mysql3/bin/mysqld-nt.exe

I can't work out what's wrong but i know i got the thing to work ONCE and only once. My guess at the problem is that installed both mysql 3.52.23 and mysql 4.0.4-beta in directories "Z:\Webdev v1\mysql\3.52.23" and "Z:\Webdev v1\mysql\4.0.4-beta" so i could work with either and if there were any problems with mysql4 i could switch back to v3... That was the plan anyway.. SO as you could imagine there were quite a few .bat files i'd made to speed up the copying of the correct ini file to the C:\windows directory (one which was designed for running mysql3, and the other mysql4 because i have different data on each) but after all the problems i uninstalled everything and did what i mentioned abover (installed mysql 3.52.23 to the Z:/WebDev v1/mysql3 directory and added the ini file.

Also, as a last attept i just installed mysql to the default C:\mysql directory and that didn't work either

Someone please help!

(Note: I do have a firewall but if i disable it... you guessed it, no differce)