I'm a js novice and I've been trying to implement a few scripts. I was able to get them to function for the most part, thanks to the wonderful people on this forum.


I have the following 3 plugins:
1. accordion menu that drops down to show filter categories
2. a gallery filter to filter out images in a category once it is clicked on,
3. Magic Zoom Plus to zoom in on an enlarged image and to provide a lightbox gallery where you can click the arrow to advance to the next image.

The filter works for the thumbnails, but there is an issue when you click on a thumbnail to enlarge it and it opens the Magic Zoom Plus gallery. When you click on the arrows to go forward & back, it is taking you through all of the images, where it should just be the ones that in that category. I know that the Magic Zoom Plus gallery works on all the images on a page. I assume that in order to get the gallery feature to apply to a category & not the whole page, there would have to be some changes the Magic Zoom Plus script. Any thoughts?

Thank you!

PS Please ignore the design & Skeleton framework for now, it won't look like this when it's done, I'm just focused on getting the scripts to work right now. Thanks!