So I always thought I knew what spam was & I may still know what it is, but I came across a guy who built a script that will search through CL (Craigs List) & send people who have ads there an e-mail from me, you, etc.

I always thought this was spam, but he's telling me it's not, not if you:

1. Divulge your snail mail address
2. Give them a way for them to unsubscribe (I'm not putting them on a list, I'm only sending them some info, it's up to them to sign up for one of my lists)
3. I'm contacting people who would want what I have to sell as they are in my industry. I'm not trying to sell people on circles if their interest/industry is squares.

So is he correct? Can I approach these people?

While you & I may not like telemarketing, isn't this just telemarketing via the Internet as apposed to spam?

Maybe the laws have changed since I last read them. It was many years ago.