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    I've Created A Service to Accomodate Clients You Can't Afford To Take On

    I've created a web application that makes it stupidly simple for users without any technical ability to create their own simple website. By leveraging free services available on the web (Google, Dropbox, et cetera) the entire process is completely free for the user.
    As a developer or designer, their website will include a link to your website; attracting more notoriety for YOU.

    Have you received an inquiry from someone :

    --who wants another, Facebook, or eBay but--
    --has no money ("Build it for free, when my businesses makes tons of money I will share the profits with you!". Sound familiar?)
    --no idea of what they need in a website and
    --no understanding of the time and skill it takes to create one.

    In the past, you may have directed these inquiries to a free CMS that might still present them with a tough learning curve. What you tried to do as a favor to them, loses them completely!

    You needn't lose these potential clients completely. I've created a web application that makes it stupidly simple for users with no technical ability to create their own simple website that credits you for the recommendation. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3 and in fact, I like to call it "1, 2, FREE!"
    1. No worries about hosting.
    2. You still earn goodwill by helping the client build their site.
    3. In addition, you get a backlink to your site.

    Simply direct them to Simple Free Website where they:

    1. Select from one of our Professional Website Designs
    2. Fill in the content to make the website their own.
    3. Launch a free website (including free server) to the world.

    You get a referral code and a link to your website. Users register with your referral link, which appears in the footer of every page they create with Simple Free Website. More, if you have an affiliate account for domain name registrations, you can direct your clients to register a domain name and simply redirect it to the URL we generate.

    I am working on new designs - and would like your help. Designers also receive a permanent link in the footer of every page that uses their design. Find the details for creating or donating designs at

    I would also greatly appreciate your feedback on the application. It is, admittedly, a little "rough around the edges."
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